Athletic Placement Process

The Advance Placement Process (APP) is a program for evaluating students who want to participate in sports at a higher level.    The purpose of APP is not to fill positions on teams; instead, it is aimed at the few, select students who can benefit so that student may be placed at a level of competition that should result in increased opportunity, a fairer competitive environment, minimized risk, and greater personal satisfaction. 

If you feel your child meets the criteria for APP, a completed parent permission form (sport specified) is required in the athletic office to begin the process.     Once received, it will be determined by the athletic director, along with the district’s physician (if necessary), if the student’s name will be forwarded for the coach’s recommendation.

New this year: The KLSD Board of Education approved that the APP process has been amended and revised to reflect that all eligible 8th-grade students shall be permitted to try out for Varsity and JV teams (once successfully completing the APP process).

Below are links with more information on the process.  If you have any questions on APP, please contact the Athletic Department at 914-763-7254.

 APP Parent Permission with Maturity Form and Chart.pdf 

 APP Physical Fitness Test with Chart.pdf  

Special Tryout Process - Golf.pdf  

Special Tryout Process - Bowling.pdf